Intermediate 1 Level A1+ – Children Sat 1.30-3.30 pm


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Saturdays, 1.30 – 3.30pm 


A1+ works with a Course and Exercice Klasse! A1  ISBN 978-3-12-607119-2/ 978 312 607120-8

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This class is designed for children and young teenagers deepening the use of German in a fun way. There is a strong focus in communication, reading and writing and grammar. A1-A2
Age: 8-12 years

Students in A1+ learn to understand phrases and common relevant phrases for example, personal, family, shopping, school, nearby environment, leisure, daily routine, hobby, holiday and sport topics.
Students can describe and communicate simple routine situations, exchange information, can report experiences, hopes, goals and express their opinion.

Students can write meaningful sentence and learning about the German literacy.
Students can read simple text and books coherently.

Students learn German grammar, for example: Simple Present, Perfect, Past Tense, Simple Future. Nominative, Dative, Accusative, verbs with prepositions, reflexive verbs, modal verbs, subordinate clauses, comparative, superlative and more.

A1+ Level and achievements. Successful studies will lead to the next levels A2/B1.

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Tuart College, 105 Banksia Street, Tuart Hill WA 6060. A block ground floor, classrooms A21-A23. Parking at Hodgson Street.