Intermediate 2 – Adults (A2.2)


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Tuesday, 6.00 – 8.30pm   

Books used in this course:                             

Netzwerk Neu A2 (course and work book separately)
course book: ISBN 978-3-12-607164-2
work book: ISBN 978-3-12-607165-9

The books above can be purchased from the Goethe Society on the first night of class via bank transfer.

Course description:

Level A2 consists of two courses, which follow on from each other: A2.1 (Intermediate 1) and A2.2 (Intermediate 2). The entire A2 course takes one year to complete (one semester for Intermediate 1 and one for Intermediate 2). Intermediate 2 is designed for learners who have had some exposure to German previously. By the end of the semester (18 classes), you will be familiar with a range of topics, for example travel, mobility, and cultural events. You will also have encountered the simple past tense, indirect questions and deepened your knowledge of adjective declension.

Our teachers create a fun and interactive learning environment where the focus is on communication and setting the foundation for the building blocks of the language, incorporating various teaching tools.

Read more about the European Language Framework and its levels here.

If you are unsure whether to enrol in Intermediate 1 or Intermediate 2, please contact the language programme coordinator for adult classes: to discuss your placement.

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Tuart College, 105 Banksia Street, Tuart Hill WA 6060. A block ground floor, classrooms A21-A23. Parking at Hodgson Street.